One year ago, the first post went up on DICED, the official blog of The Institute of Culinary Education. The first year has seen over 200 postings of many events, demos, and classes, as well as alumni news and other exciting updates here at ICE, including the launch of our fourth career program, Hospitality Management. We’ve seen alumni travel to France, a Chef Instructor launch his own business, the release of Culinary Careers by ICE President Rick Smilow and many, many more exciting changes and developments.

For much of the first year, Kelly Senyei blogged about her experience throughout the Culinary Arts program at ICE in our Life as a Culinary Student series. Since completing the program, she has gone on to become Content Producer of Gourmet’s new iPad app, Gourmet Live. She writes and edits content for Gourmet Live. A preview of some of the content from the app can be seen at the Gourmet Live website.

The past year has also seen the start of Life as a Pastry Student, as ICE Career Services Advisor Deanna Silva decided it was time to indulge her sweet tooth and take the Pastry & Baking Arts program at ICE.

It has been a fun and exciting year. Here’s to many more! Thank you to all our readers for following along and for continuing to check back to see what’s new at ICE. To celebrate, we are offering a giveaway of $100 gift card for ICE’s recreational classes. For your chance to win, just comment on this blog post, post on our Facebook page or @-reply us on Twitter with the best thing you have cooked so far this year. The contest will close November 19, 2010.


  1. It’s likely that the best thing I cooked this year was two variations on Pizza Gaina, a savory Italian Easter pie. I had 20 people coming for a pre-holiday open house. I needed to feed both carnivores and vegetarians something festive and t…asty. I lined two 12″ springform pans with pastry and filled one with layers of prosciutto, genoa salami, mortadella, hard boiled egg, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. The other torte was stuffed with alternating strata of chopped spinach with garlic, carmelized onions, plus feta, parmesan and ricotta cheeses. Each pie was fitted with a fluted and pierced pastry lid and baked until the contents were firm and the crusts were a deep golden brown. The Pizzas were cooled to room temperature, sliced thin and served with cold antipasti platters, tossed salad and plenty of wine. Buon Appetito!

  2. Kalikolehua Kuoha

    Hands down the best thing I’ve cooked this year was a Sweet Potato Biscuit with a creamy Liliko’i Butter.

  3. congrats! i love reading this blog!

  4. The best thing i baked this year was shamrock shaped irish creme cake for St Patty’s Day.

  5. The best meal I made this year was for a sit down dinner that I prepared for friends and here is the copy of my menu.

  6. The best thing I’ve cooked this year was a Cuban pork roast which was accompanied by frijoles negros, fried plantains and homemade Cuban bread. A feast!

  7. The best thing I have made this year had to be over this past weekend – thanks to a rec class I took at ICE in April! Homemade ricotta (I made the day before) which I then used in my home made “ravioli with a fried sage butter”.

    I had not been very successful with pasta making until Chef Rosati (ICE Rec Class: Essentials of Emilia-Romagna Cooking) taught us several techniques for successful pasta making – it gave me the confidence to try pasta making again. Thank you Chef Rosati!!!

    Thanks for the DICED blog – I have found it both educational and entertaining! Cheers to another year!

  8. The best thing I cooked would be a toss up between filet mignon in a port wine reduction sauce and an asian style citrus chicken soup with udon noodles.

  9. The best thing I have cooked so far this year were the Strawberry Jalapeno cupcakes 🙂

  10. Turkey breast in a coco-peanut sate with eggplant and brown rice.

  11. The tastiest, most delectable, full-of-deliciousness thing I cooked this year was my grandmother’s eggplant parm. I was on the phone with her throughout the entire process to make sure I got it perfect. In the end, it came no where NEAR as good as hers, but was still pretty darn good.

  12. A seared sea scallop atop a homemade potato chip, with a touch of mascarpone cheese, diced bacon and balasmic/lemon reduction…

  13. I spent a whole year as an exchange student in Kyoto Japan, and I have to say I probably wouldnt have survived if it wasnt for a cheap dinner of udon a couple of times a week! There is even one shop where you can eat for free if you do 30 minutes of washing after, but I cant say I was ever that poor! Anyway, I found a load more tasty looking ideas at this udon recipe site.

  14. Garry Monfiston

    I just love reading this blog and learning about whats happening at ICE.I hope to be a student there soon.I will be at the open house this january.

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