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Students learn to taste olive oil at ICE Los Angeles.

The Golden State’s Liquid Gold

Last week, COOC Executive Director Patricia Darragh visited ICE’s Los Angeles campus with freshly produced oil from the 2018 harvest, offering a rare opportunity for students to taste outside of an

Chef Barry demonstrates pro plating with holiday food.

Pro Plating Tips for Holiday Hosting

Choosing your plate: This step is quite often overlooked. Choosing a perfect canvas will allow you to create contrasting colors and shapes and enable you to provide maximum exposure for your food

A turkey rests after cooking.

Thanksgiving 2018: Pro Advice from ICE

Planning like a Chef: Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Rick Camac advises, “consider people, portions and yields” when choosing your turkey. The former restaurateur of The Fatty Group has

Dee Gomez is studying culinary arts at ICE's Los Angeles campus.

It’s the Small Moments That Have the Most Impact

Growing up, I heard my friends talk about all the traditional dishes that their mothers and grandmothers would make for them or teach them to cook. My mother, on the other hand, made grilled chicken

A platter of jamon iberico is served.

Spain’s Prized Ham: Jamón Ibérico

If you’ve ever visited Spain, you probably noticed that ham is everywhere. You may have awed at ham legs hanging from shop ceilings like pork chandeliers and downed several glasses of albariño while

ICE's special events lead chef-instructor Philipp Hering works with gourds.

Autumnal Gourds with ICE Alumni

Equally versatile in the world of cooking, they can be sturdy enough to replace the meat in tacos, rich enough to replicate cream in a soup and healthy enough to keep your engine chugging through flu

APL Restaurant specializes in steak in Los Angeles.

A Prime Time for Dry Aging

Last week, Chef Lang welcomed our Los Angeles students into his kitchen and dining room and guided a tour through his beloved underground dry-aging room, then shared his deep knowledge on the subject

Binchōtan charcoal provides chefs with a stable, high heat source.

Cooking with Charcoal

With searing heat between 1,000 F and 1,600 F, no odor and little smoke, Binchōtan charcoal provides chefs with a stable, high heat source and very little to compromise the chosen grilling component

Mashed potatoes are served with salt on the side.

Salt and Pepper

I moved to the United States from Italy just a couple of years ago and I can say I have studied food my entire life, from growing up in a country where food was central to everyday life to studying at

A person reads a recipe.

Back to School with the Latest Cookbooks by ICE Alumni

“La Grotta Ices” by Kitty Travers Kitty Travers’ acclaimed London ice cream company, La Grotta Ices, makes its in-home debut with this book of more than 75 recipes for ice cream, sorbet and granita


Get to Know Exotic Fruits

Tropical fruits are having a moment, working their way into cocktails (NoMad), pastries (Proof Bakery and Dominique Ansel Bakery) and even vegan tacos (Trejo’s Tacos). According to Schueller, it’s in

Maki Yazawa prepares chicken in an ICE LA Culinary Arts class.

Learning a New Language at Culinary School

My mom is Venezuelan, my dad is Japanese and food has always been an integral part of my family’s traditions. Sundays were arepa days, filled with reina pepiada, an avocado chicken salad, or ham and

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