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A wheel of white Gubbeen Irish cheese sits in a wax wrapper

These 3 Irish Cheeses are Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

You may associate St. Patrick’s Day cuisine with corned beef and cabbage, but here’s some potentially bad news: corned beef is more an Irish-American tradition than a proper Irish one. (Cabbage

White asparagus stalks are harvested and placed in a plastic box

A Guide to White Asparagus

After a long winter where root vegetables tend to be the only “seasonal” produce available (at least in northern climates), asparagus is one of the first green vegetables to grace our plates as the

A wheel of goat cheese with a piece cut out sits on a wooden board

Fundamentals of Cheese: Understanding Goat Cheese

The term “goat cheese” is often synonymous with chèvre cheese, the fresh, rindless logs of goat cheese that may be found everywhere from your grocery store dairy department to artisanal cheese shops

A red sumac plant surrounded by green leaves

What Is Sumac?

You have probably encountered sumac, even if you didn’t know what it was, as a bright fuchsia garnish with earthy and citrusy flavors often used in Middle Eastern foods from a variety of countries


ICE Chef-Instructor Chris Arturo Inducted into Academie Culinaire de France

Over the course of the three day event, ICE’s Director of Culinary Affairs, Chef Hervé Malivert and Chef-Instructor Christopher Arturo represented ICE in various culinary showcases. The final evening

a chef's hands use a knife to cut cilantro on a wooden cutting board

How to Properly Sharpen Your Knife: Tips From a Professional Chef

We sat down with ICE’s Director of Culinary Affairs, Chef Hervé Malivert, to get some insight from a pro on how to sharpen your knife, how to know if it’s sharp enough and what that honing steel is

Cheesy toasted welsh rarebit sits on a white plate next to small tomatoes

What is Welsh Rarebit?

There is a 16th century joke whose punchline claims that there are no Welshmen in heaven because they were lured outside of the pearly gates by cheese. I’ve never taken a DNA test, but given this fact


Fundamentals of Cheese: Understanding Gouda

Lots of different cheese styles — even popular ones — have their detractors, but whenever I teach cheese classes, I’ve never met someone who doesn’t say they absolutely love gouda. It inspires

Assorted charcuterie meats, vegetables and bread sit on a brown board

How to Make a Charcuterie Board

As the perfect centerpieces for parties, picnics and more, charcuterie boards are all the rage. Traditionally served as an array of meats and cheeses, this dish is familiar to any modern foodie or


Culinary Arts Student Featured on Rachael Ray Show

Alessandra Ciuffo, a Culinary Arts student at ICE's New York campus, was featured on the Rachael Ray Show — again. On Monday, January 9, 2023, Alessandra returned to Rachael Ray’s kitchen after her


Meet Chef Joshua Resnick

A native of Croton-on-Hudson, New York, just north of the five boroughs, Chef Joshua recalls that, family nights out typically meant heading to whatever local red sauce eatery was currently poppin’


Fundamentals of Cheese: Getting the Blues

There are those who love their wonderful funk and bite (myself included), and then there are those who...don’t get it (my younger self included). To move toward a deeper understanding of what these

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