Meet Hillery, ICE Alum & Former Admissions Director

I was one of the lucky ones in that my first professional job was here at The Institute of Culinary Education. I knew as I walked down the halls of the school for that first interview that this would

kwanzaa customary meat on a plate

The Culinary Traditions of Kwanzaa

A relatively new holiday, Kwanzaa's origins go back to 1966, during the Civil Rights Movement, when activist Maulana Karenga, Ph.D., made a holiday specifically for African-Americans. The name Kwanzaa

Aarón Sánchez at ICE

Chef Aarón Sánchez Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month at ICE

Chef Aarón Sánchez says food is a beautiful way to honor one's heritage and family legacy. On Sept. 14, he shared that passion for food culture with ICE students to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month

Chef Lorne's round challah

Rosh Hashanah Food Traditions

Rosh Hashanah, known as the Jewish New Year, is upon us. It literally means “head of the year,” and it’s a time when people of Jewish faith celebrate the creation of the world and welcome good luck

A student presents the JB Prince gift card he won in the vaccination raffle.

ICE Hosts Vaccination Raffle

We partnered with JB Prince, a New York supplier of culinary tools and equipment for chefs and pastry professionals, to offer a variety of products and gift certificates as prizes for voluntary

plum cobbler

Celebrate Juneteenth with Cured Sumac Plum Cobbler

Juneteenth is a day of celebration and reflection, commemorating American history, current events and the future. The amalgamation of “June” and “nineteenth,” recognizes when General Gordon Granger

Guelaguetza's red mole

The Magic of Oaxacan Mole

“If you live in Oaxaca, in one of these little pueblos, Guelaguetza is a tradition that people do to live in community. Almost a bartering system,” she explained at a recent live event for ICE

lemon-yuja cake

ICE Alum Joy Cho Connects with Korean Culture through Food

The recent disturbing uptick in violence and hate against Asians and Asian Americans has prompted not only rightful indignance from our community but also a deeper examination into questions of our

three wine students taste together

Esprit de Corps

In our Intensive Sommelier Training program, one of the things that becomes immediately clear to new students is the fact that a good amount of time will need to be spent outside of class to meet its

Chef Mary Sue Milliken photo by Anne Fishbein

Female Restaurateurs Form RE:Her to Empower Women Entrepreneurs in LA

Because of the pandemic's impact, restaurant owners had to reconsider their business models and strategies, adapting to fit the new demands and restrictions in place. Some transformed dine-in

Student sips wine with pen in hand for notes

The Language of Wine

I teach and oversee ICE's wine education program, Intensive Sommelier Training, which is designed to prepare students of wine to consider a future in the beverage industry. While, as the course name

Beetroot and Carrot Rasam

How to Make Rasam

Kitchens are always brimming with possibilities, and traditional Indian kitchens extend beyond feeding to healing. Growing up, it was very rare that we would go to a hospital for common ailments – my

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