What better cooking method to practice the day before Thanksgiving than deep-frying? Fish & Chips, French Fries, Southern Fried Chicken, Broccoli Tempura, Fried Oysters – you name it, we fried it (and ate it). Needless to say, the thought of the next day’s deep-fried turkey had less appeal than usual. But with pan-frying and deep-frying under our belts for the week, we took a brief interlude to enjoy what else, but eating, with our families and friends.

Rested from a brief Thanksgiving break, we arrived Monday morning for the sizzling start to grilling. Chef Sabrina guided us step-by-step through the direct, dry heat cooking method. Within minutes kitchen 601 at ICE Culinary turned into a smokehouse with flame-kissed favorites like Grilled Chimichurri Flank Steak (images #7 & #8) and Grilled Shrimp Brochette being seared and served for Chef Sabrina to taste and critique.

I may have been previously impressed by my sautéed chicken breast, but creating the cross-marks, or quadrillage, on our grilled proteins and vegetables took my self-satisfaction to a whole new level. I’m the type of person who views food as art, which basically made my Grilled Salmon Tranche (image #9) my personal Mona Lisa.

The smoke and flames subsided as we transitioned into two full days of roasting. We began with the basics, like Roast Chicken with Pan-Gravy (image #10) and Roast Rack of Lamb Persillade (image #11). But don’t let the basic preparations fool you – we soon kicked it up a notch with one of our most intricate recipes yet, Roasted Poussin with Porcini-Truffle Butter that was made with marrow, porcini powder and truffle oil. Chef Sabrina also guided us through preparing various side dishes, like Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Orange and Sage, which I would have taken a picture of if we hadn’t eaten them all in less than five minutes (yep, they were that good).

The week ended appropriately with a family-style meal (images #12 & #13) that displayed our day’s worth of braising. From Lamb Shanks with Juniper and Rosemary to Moroccan Monkfish Osso Bucco, we seared and braised our way through the day’s recipes with enough time to enjoy a Friday lunch together and to head into the weekend with full stomachs and continued excitement for what’s in store next.

Coming up next week: Braising II, Stewing I & II, Steaming & En Papillote, Shallow-Poaching, Poaching, Simmering and Boiling

A look back:

Lesson 1: Mise en Place

Lesson 5: Medium Dice & Mirepoix

Lessons 6-10: Fabrication & Stocks

Lessons 11-14: Meat Fabrication

Lessons 15-19: Classic & Contemporary Sauces

Lessons 20-24: Soups & Sauteing


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  4. This particular winter has been fairly warm. It’s possible we can get started with the grilling season earlier this year, I am anxious to get started.

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