A pizza made at an ICE theme night.

Themed Events and Enhancements

Steakhouse, Pizza & Event Themes

Choose Your Own Adventure

Tailor a menu for your audience. Learn the intricate method of making rice in our sushi class, how to properly sear a steak in our steakhouse classes, or how that pizza slice on your street corner gets its perfectly charred and chewy crust. We can teach you how to execute your favorite food. These events are typically 3.5 hours and include a reception, about an hour of hands-on cooking and a seated dinner. Customize the tablecloth, flatware and pairings that fit your theme. We'll serve every detail alongside your newfound food knowledge. Explore your options.

A chef cooks steak on a fired up grill.

The Steakhouse

If you've ever wanted to know the difference between a porterhouse and New York strip or how to make the perfect pommes frites, our steakhouse events are for you!

Say the word steakhouse, and you start to think of great, hearty meals and good times. That's one of the reasons why ICE's steakhouse classes have been so popular.

We offer a selection of four steakhouse themes: American, French, Italian and Asian, each featuring a cocktail or aperitif to complement your menu. Sample menu

Pizzas made at an ICE theme night.

Hand-Tossed Pizza

Add one part fresh pizza dough, one part grated mozzarella and a sprinkling of our professional kitchens and what do you get? The ultimate pizza class! If you ever wanted to try your hand at tossing like the pros, here's your chance.

You and your guests can select from a variety of options; including sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables and more. You'll learn the secrets of shaping and assembling your own delicious pizzas — plus get a chance to bake them in professional ovens. Once the cooking's over, you'll enjoy a fabulous Italian buffet, complete with salad and a favorite Italian dessert to round out the meal! Sample menu

Sushi made by ICE special events students

DIY Sushi Rolls

Roll your own sushi and maki with ICE pro chefs. We'll work with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, sweet potato tempura and more — or upgrade to salmon roe, quail egg or sauteed sweet eel. Start with Asian hors d'oeuvres, from Vietnamese summer rolls to mini lettuce cups, and enjoy red miso soup with wild mushrooms, cold soba noodles and delightful desserts like coconut rice pudding with kiwi. See menu

A guest of an ICE special event makes her own pasta dough.

Handmade Pasta

Get your hands dirty with dough and flour as you make and fill your own pasta in a variety of shapes and flavors. Pasta theme nights start with an antipasto platter, followed by your choice of two salads, one ravioli and one classic pasta. Indulge in hand-rolled gnocchi, classic spaghetti a la carbonara or handmade tagliatelle pasta. You'll learn to make pasta as a group, sit down to a meal and finish with a dessert. Sample menu

Enhancement Menu

We offer an array of customizations to make your event unique and memorable, including:

  • Custom aprons and chef hats
  • Custom chocolate from our on-site bean-to-bar chocolate lab
  • Team-building challenges
  • Giveaways
  • Party favors
  • Top-shelf beverage upgrades

Start Planning Your Event

For more information on cooking classes or hosting an event, submit a request form, call the Special Events department directly at (800) 543-8834 or email specialevents@ice.edu.