Culinary students learning how a hydroponic garden works at their school in New York City

Crops to Date

Check out what's growing on in the ICE Hydroponic Garden

Farm-to-Classroom, From A to Z

Our space may be smaller than your average crop farm, but we sure do grow a lot — below, browse over 250 crop varietals ICE has grown or is currently growing in the Hydroponic Garden.

Akatade (Water Pepper) 

Amaranth Leaves

Amaranth & Kohlrabi Mix (Local Micro)

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop (Local Micro)

Oversize Anise Hyssop (Local Micro)

Anise Hyssop Flowers

Apple Mint

Arugula (Regular)

Arugula (Wasabi) Flowers

Arugula (Wasabi)

Arugula (Wild Rocket)

Arugula (Local Micro)

Arugula & Amaranth Mix (Local Micro)

Arugula & Kohlrabi (Local Micro)

Arugula, Amaranth & Kohlrabi Mix (Local Micro)

Bachelor Button Selection

Barbarella Italian Eggplant

Basil (Blue Spice)

Basil (Bush)

Basil (Cinnamon)

Basil (Corsican)

Basil (Genovese)

Basil (Genovese Experimental)

Basil (Genovese Red Freddy)

Basil (Green Ruffles)

Basil (Lemon)

Basil (Lime)

Basil (Opal)

Basil (Opal) (Local Micro)

Basil (Persian)

Basil (Pluto)

Basil (Purple Amethyst)

Basil (Purple Ruffles)

Basil (Red Rubin)

Basil (Rosie)

Basil (Siam Queen)

Basil (Sweet Thai)

Basil (Sweet Thai) DEPRECATED

Basil (Thai Red Stem)

Basil (Tulsi)

Basil (Local Micro)

Italian Large Leaf Basil (Local Micro)

Bee Balm (Lemon)

Bee Balm (Lemon) Flowers

Bee Balm Bradbury's Monarda

Bee Balm Bradbury's Monarda Flowers

Beets (Local Micro)

Bok Choy (Canton)

Baby Borage

Borage Flowers

Borage (Local Micro)

White Borage Flowers

Kosaitai Flowering Brassica

Britton Shiso (Local Micro)

Cabbage Shuka Hybrid Autumn Torch

Carrot (Local Micro)

Celery (Local Micro)


Chervil (Local Micro)


Chinese Leeks

Chives (Local Micro)

Chrysanthemum (Shungiku)

Chrysanthemum (Shungiku)


Cilantro (Confetti)

Cilantro (Marino OG)

Cilantro (Local Micro)

Coriander Large Seeded

Cressida (Local Micro)


Cumin (Black)

Cutting Celery

Cutting Celery (Local Micro)

Cutting Celery (DEPRECATED) (Local Micro)

Dark Purple Mizuna (Local Micro)

De Morges Braun Lettuce

Dill Crowns (Bouquet)

Dill Fronds

Dill Fronds (Bouquet)

Dill Fronds (Mammoth)

Dulce Buttons

Dwarf Grey Sugar (Local Micro)


Epazote (Valley Seeds OG)

Feisty Pea (Local Micro)

Fennel (Bronze)

Fennel (Bronze) (Local Micro)


Flashy Troutback

Garlic Chive

Good King Henry

Gretel Mini Eggplant

Grumolo Rossa (Red Chicory)


Ishikura Long Winter Bunching Onion (Local Micro)

Japanese Mugwort Yomogi

Kale (Lacinato)

Kale (Scarlet)

Kaiware Rambo Radish (Local Micro)

Kaiware Radish Shoot (White Stem) (Local Micro)

Kinh Gioi

Kohlrabi (Local Micro)

Korean Shiso (Local Micro)

Large Leaf Aqua Watercress

Lavender (Hidcote)

Lavender (Munstead) 

Leisure Cilantro (Local Micro)

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm (Local Micro)

Lemon Basil (Local Micro)

Lemon Verbena


Lettuce (Little Gem)

Lettuce (Merveille)

Lettuce (New Red Fire)

Mache (Vit)

Magenta Spreen

Magenta Spreen (Local Micro)

Marigold Flower

Marigold Leaf

Marigold (Lemon Gem)

Miner's Lettuce

Mint (Chocolate)

Mint (Indian)

Mint (Mountain)

Mint (Peppermint)

Pineapple Mint

Mint (Vietnamese - Kinh Gioi)

Minutina (Erba Stella)

Mitsuba (Japanese Parsley)

Mitsuba (Local Micro)

Mizuna (Dark Purple)

Mizuna (Green)

Mizuna (Local Micro)

Mizuna (Red) (Local Micro)

Moringa (Dwarf) Leaves

Moringa Leaves

Mung Beans (For sprouting)

Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens (Local Micro)

Mustard (Red Giant)

Scarlet Frills Mustard (Local Micro)

Nasturtium (Empress of India)

Nasturtium for shoots

Nasturtium (Night and Day)

Nasturtium (Trailing Mix)

Nepitella Flower

Oak Leaf

Onion Sprouts (Local Micro)

Mini Onion


Oregano Flowers

Irish Mist Oxalis

Oxalis (Iron Cross)

Pac Choi (Mei Qing Choi)

Pak Choy (Extra Dwarf)

Pac Choy (Local Micro)


Parsley (Flat-Leaf)

Parsley (Wega)

Parsley (Local Micro)

Pea (Afilla)

Pea (Petite Snap-Greens) (Local Micro)

Pea Shoots (Local Micro)

Peanut Leaf

Penny Royal

Pepper (Tabasco)

Pepper (Tabasco Greenleaf)

Pepper (Tabasco Hot)

Peppermint (Local Micro)

Perilla (Red Aka Shiso)

Persian Cress (Local Micro)

Popcorn Shoots (Local Micro)

Sweet Potato Vine (Green)

Sweet Potato Vine (Scallop Purple)

Purple Oxalis Triangularis

Purslane (Golden)

Purslane (Red)

Radish (Round, Rudolph)

Ramps (Wild Leeks)

Red Amaranth (Local Micro)

Red Beard (Local Micro)

Red Cabbage (Local Micro)

Red Pac Pac Choi (Local Micro)

Red Ruben Beets (Local Micro)

Red Russian Kale (Local Micro)

Red Shiso (Local Micro)

Red Veined Sorrel (Local Micro)

Riccia Cuor d'Oro Endive

Rock Samphire

Romaine Lettuce (Coastal Star Pelleted)

Roselle (Thai Red)


Rosemary (Primed)

Ruby Red Chard (Local Micro)

Ruby Streaks Mustard (Local Micro)

Salsola/Saltwort (Local Micro)

Saltwort (Local Micro)

Shiso (Green) (Local Micro)

Shungiku (Local Micro)

Spicy Salad Mix (Local Micro)

Sage (Common)  

Sage (Extrakta)

Pineapple Sage

Salad Burnet

Summer Savory

Savory (Summer, Unknown)

Scarlet Runner Bean


Shepherd's Purse

Shiso (Britton)

Shiso (Green)

Shiso (Korean)

Shiso (Red)

Sorrel (Buckler Leaved)

Sorrel (Green De Belleville)

Sorrel (Red Veined)

Sorrel (Sheep's)

Wood Sorrel (Violet)

Wood Sorrel

New Zealand Spinach

Strawberry Spinach

Succulent Iceplant

Suehihung Mustard (Local Micro)

Summer Crisp Lettuce (Concept Pelleted)

Sunflower Shoot (Black Oil) (Local Micro)

Sunflower Shoot (Gray Striped) (Local Micro)

Swamp Saxifrage

Sweet Flag

Mexican Tarragon

Tatsoi (Leafy Asian Greens)

Tendril Pea (Local Micro)

Thai Burapa Pepper


Thyme (Broad Leaf)

Thyme (Creeping)

Thyme (German Winter)

Thyme (Orange)

Thyme (Spanish)

Tomato (Turkish Striped Monastery)

Chinese Toon (Red)

Toothache Buttons

Toothache Plant Leaves

Upland Cress

Lovage Viola (Clear Yellow)

Viola (Coconut Swirl)

Viola (ColorMax Icy Blue)

Viola Flowers

Viola (Lavender Vein)

Viola (Orchid Rose Beacon)

Viola (Penny All Season)

Viola (Popcorn)

Viola (Purple Glow)

Viola (Sorbet White XP)

Viola (White Jump-Up)

Viola (Berry Pie)

Wasabina (Local Micro)

Water Spinach (Ong Choy)

Watercress Bloom

Wildflower (Dame's Rocket)

Yarrow Leaf

Zaatar Marjoram