Ted Siegel is a Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education.

Ted Siegel

Chef-Instructor, Culinary Arts

“I enjoy that my students are so varied in terms of age and other demographics.”


Ted Siegel’s culinary life began at age 15 with a job at a gourmet food store. Although hired as a delivery boy, he found himself fascinated with the kitchen and continued to work there through high school and college. After finishing culinary school in 1982, Siegel moved to California and promptly landed a job at Chez Panisse. For three years he worked alongside Alice Waters, Joyce Goldstein, Steven Sullivan (who went on to found Acme Bakery) and Lindsay Shere. Eventually, he moved back to New York City and cooked in the kitchens of Bistro du Nord, Orso, L'Acajou, Coco Pazzo and Danal.

Chef Ted joined the staff at ICE in June 2001. He uses his more than 40 years of experience to help students discover their culinary voices in the kitchen and prepare them for the industry.

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