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Center for Wine Studies

Indulge Your Inner Sommelier at ICE

The ICE Center for Wine Studies in NYC is designed to build your understanding, awareness and appreciation for the whole spectrum of wine, as well as other beverages such as beer, spirits and sake.

The Center for Wine Studies offers one-session, two-session and six-session classes as well as a 10- to 17-week continuing education course.

In 2020, we introduced Intensive Sommelier Training, the only program approved by the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas with all classes taught by its members. The course concludes with the Introductory and Certified Sommelier examinations onsite. Get started here.

Our popular Wine Essentials class meets once a week for six weeks, with each session dedicated to a particular topic, such as Bordeaux or sparkling wines. Our wine and food workshops show students how to best enjoy wines in combination with food. ICE also offers classes exploring regional wines from France, Italy or the West Coast of the United States. Whatever your wine tastes or experience, there is a class at ICE to fulfill your interests.

Our wine tasting room is a 900-square-foot facility with full ventilation (so cooking odors from our kitchens don't intrude), bright incandescent light and white tabletops (for accurate wine viewing). The instructors who teach our wine tastings and classes, as well as our beer and spirits classes, are some of the most competent and celebrated in New York City.

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Intensive Sommelier Training

ICE is the exclusive home of the country's premier wine program, Intensive Sommelier Training, led by Dean of Wine Studies Scott Carney, MS and taught by a team of master sommeliers. Students taste more than 300 benchmark wines from around the world using the Court of Master Sommeliers' (CMS) Deductive Tasting Method and sit the CMS Introductory and Certified Sommelier examinations onsite at the end of the program.

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Wine Essentials and Advanced Wine Essentials

ICE offers Wine Essentials and Advanced Wine Essentials certificate programs for oenology enthusiasts looking to formalize their knowledge. The first level of certification is called the Premier Cru Certificate and can be earned through our six-week Wine Essentials course. The advanced second level is titled the Grand Cru Certificate and is earned through our four-week Advanced Wine Essentials course. Earning these is a way to affirm your newfound knowledge and sample a global array of great wine.

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Introduction to Wine

Crafted by ICE's resident sommelier, Richard Vayda, this class is tailored to the wine novice who wants a quick, fun and basic introduction to the world of grapes. You'll learn the fundamentals of wine, wine tasting and appreciation, which will start you on the road to critically judging wine color, aroma, flavor and body. You’ll discover the meaning of such wine concepts as dryness, acidity, fruitiness, tannins, varietals, vintages and more. Participants interested in continuing their exploration of wine are encouraged to go on to Wine Essentials.

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Wines by Region

In this series from ICE Director of Wine Studies, Richard Vayda, you'll explore the world’s quintessential winemaking regions in depth. Learn what makes each terroir unique, the characteristics of New- and Old-World vintages, and the definitive grapes and blends that make each region deserving of special attention. Along with each wine, you'll taste a selection of cheeses from that region, illustrating the culinary adage: 'What grows together, goes together'!

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Wine and Food Workshops

ICE offers many wine and food pairing classes throughout the year. Whether focused on France, Italy or New York state wines, guests will enjoy a discussion, tasting and pairing, examining the breadth of what the given location offers.

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Specialty Wine Classes

ICE also offers wine classes on a variety of more specific topics, such as explorations of regional or seasonal wines, or a primer on 12 wines you need to know. Select classes offer access to reserve wines from our cellar, showcased with festive gala or grand tasting formats. Whatever your wine tastes or experience, there is a class at ICE to fulfill your interests.