Students who began their culinary careers later in life, at the Institute of Culinary Education

Career Changers

Your Quality Time Shouldn't Just Be Your "Off" Hours

Maybe you daydream about opening your own bakery, using a family recipe to create a delicious food product, becoming a private chef or launching the best new food app. Perhaps you want to turn your blogging hobby into a full-time career in food media. Why shouldn't you be able to earn a living doing what you love? It's time to forge a career that connects you with the exciting world of culinary arts and hospitality.

Imagine Doing What You Love

Do you remember when you looked for your first job? It seemed daunting, but also exciting, perhaps even thrilling. But now, you've invested a good number of years in your career, and you'd be crazy to leave to start over from scratch, right? The answer is "no." Today, it's not uncommon to pursue a second career in an area you love, and there have never been more opportunities in the world of food. Over 14,000 ICE students have taken the jump before you. You should be next.

Explore career opportunities inside and outside the kitchen where ICE alumni have succeeded.