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School Counselors

Encourage Your Students' Culinary Career Goals

When it comes to providing education and career guidance, there's no more valuable resource than highly informed school counselors and educators.

At ICE, we're committed to helping you better understand the wide range of career options in the food industry and how a foundation in culinary or hospitality education can make your students' culinary school dreams a reality.

ICE has a School Counselor Coordinator who connects with a network of thousands of professionals in California. This dedicated individual will answer your questions about ICE, provide the information to help your students make an informed decision about their future and discuss the key benefits that an ICE education can offer.

Explore the wide array of careers inside and outside the kitchen, where ICE alumni are succeeding.

Why choose ICE?

Culinary school students in the kitchen at the Institute of Culinary Education Los Angeles

You’ve Come to the Right Place

ICE has launched more than 14,000 careers in the food world and produced generations of satisfied parents, counselors and students along the way. We couple individualized training with the most extensive career placement services in the field, arranging hands-on externships at the industry's top food establishments and providing professional support to our graduates long after they leave our teaching kitchens. In short, our mission is to help each student find his or her culinary voice. 

A student finishes plating a dish in class at ICE

A Schedule and Curriculum for Every Student

ICE offers comprehensive diploma programs in the Culinary ArtsPastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts (formerly known as Health-Supportive Culinary Arts), and Restaurant & Culinary Management, all of which can be completed in just six to 12 months. We have convenient morning, afternoon and evening classes starting each month throughout the calendar year. Our 38,000-square-foot professional facility features small, hands-on classes with attentive, distinguished chef-instructors. Students enjoy a global tour of culinary traditions and techniques and access to the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the same purveyors that cater to the LA’s finest restaurants.

An ICE culinary arts student works over the stove

If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere

ICE alumni have won awards and gained national recognition for four decades. After graduation, they are offered the same, if not better, jobs than graduates with two- to four-year degrees and a significantly larger debt burden. We hear it time and time again from the industry's top employers: You do not need a four-year degree to begin a successful career in the food world. But don’t take our word for it: see what industry experts have to say about an ICE education. While you’re at it, read The ICE Difference to learn what sets the school apart from the rest.

An ICE chef Instructor helps a guidance counselor make fresh pasta

Come in to Taste the Success

Twice a year, ICE holds a special workshop exclusively for school counselors, education professionals and career advisors at our facility in Los Angeles. These after-work events provide the opportunity to witness firsthand how ICE's award-winning programs can turn your students' passion for food into a creative, successful career.

Culinary Careers, a guidebook for those interested in the food and hospitality field

Join the Network

To request information to share with your students and colleagues, you can email or call (888) 718-CHEF. Our School Counselor Coordinator will be happy to set up a personal or group tour of the school for you and your students or provide detailed answers to any further questions you may have.