Andrew Friedman and Manu Buffara sit behind a copy of Manu's book

Andrew Friedman Talks to Manoella "Manu" Buffara

This week, she published a book — "Manu: Recipes and Stories from My Brazil" — that, like the restaurant, is a summation of herself and her cuisine to this point in her journey. While in New York City

Hospitality panel at the Institute of Culinary Education.

Insights Into the Hospitality & Management Industry

The event featured Joon Choi (Dinex Group), George Constantinou (Mil Gustos Hospitality Group) and Keith Treyball (Fox Lifestyle Hospitality Group). ICE’s Director of Strategic Operations and Dean of

A woman smells a glass of red wine

ICE Experts' Advice on Becoming a Sommelier

While most people think the role of a sommelier is just about knowing the nuances of wine tasting and composition — and beyond that, food pairings — what often gets overlooked is the reality that

A black restaurant menu with white text sits on a table surrounded by silverware and drinks

Should Restaurants Move to Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing has been done in many other hospitality-focused industries for years. Major airlines do it. Hotels have revenue managers whose primary job function is to figure out what to charge for

A group of ICE Los Angeles alumni in black shirts and blue aprons at the Otium restaurant kitchen smile

What is an Externship?

With this in mind, we’ve constructed all of our hands-on training programs in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts and Hotel & Hospitality Management* to culminate in an ICE

a plated dish in a restaurant

An Industry Focused on Growth: The National Restaurant Association Drops 2023 Report

The National Restaurant Association, known to many as “the other NRA,” is a 100-year-old business association that represents more than 380,000 restaurants across the US. While they have a variety of


Considering Front of House? How I Used My Culinary School Education Outside of the Kitchen

A public service announcement for anyone who needs to hear it: working as a restaurant server does not amount to failure after attending culinary school. On the contrary, servers who have culinary


Business Bits: Restaurant Design is Harder Than You Think

There’s a myriad of reasons for wanting to open a restaurant. For some, it’s years of hosting dinner parties or bringing dishes to potlucks and having everyone insist they should “do it professionally


Why You Should Take ICE’s Restaurant & Culinary Management Program

My goal every time I met with a prospective student was to help them create a strategy that would get them to their end goal — this could be a specific job they have dreamed of forever, or it could be

hotel awning with sign that reads "hotel"

How to Become a Hotel Manager

Hotel and hospitality management positions are found in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, conference and event centers, spas and country clubs, to name a few. As a global industry, the hotel and

Hotel lobby

How to Perfect Your Pitch

Success is about pitching a concept that sets you apart from the rest, and there’s a lot that goes into taking that initial idea to become a lasting brand. Here's how to perfect your pitch. Executive


Tips From a Restaurateur: How To Run Your Business

Restaurateur Henry Meer says the most important piece of restaurant equipment isn’t labor or gas and electricity, but is, in fact, the garbage bin. “It’s hugely important to your bottom line,” he says

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