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At ICE, we make it our mission to help students find their culinary voice — that creative drive within each of us that determines how we express ourselves through food. Whether it’s a career training program, a recreational course in pie crusts or a special event featuring handmade pasta, we’ll give you the tools to hone your culinary creativity. Join us as we ask some of today’s leading food industry pros to share their culinary voice.

If mild flavors are your bag, then Chef Miguel Trinidad’s cooking is not for you. The ICE alum and chef-owner of critically acclaimed East Village restaurants Jeepney and Maharlika is all about bold, flavorful cuisine. It’s no surprise that Miguel was drawn to the cuisine of the Philippines. “Filipino food is like a punch in the mouth. It’s big, it’s loud and it takes you on a journey,” explains Miguel. At his restaurants, Miguel takes diners on a flavor-packed journey with his modern take on traditional Filipino dishes like kare kare (oxtail stew) and pata confit (crispy pork leg). Says Miguel of his preferred cuisine, “[e]ven when you’re stuffed, you still want to take another bite because it’s so delicious.”

Here, Miguel shares his culinary voice and how being a chef is like being an artist.

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  1. Shirl Lundstrom

    Would Chef Miguel share his recipe for oxtail stew? I recently acquired close to 20 pounds of them (packaged into 4-5 pound bundles). I have never cooked with them! Thanks!

  2. Great idea, Shirl! We’ll ask Chef Miguel if he can share with us the recipe or some tips for making kare kare – check back soon!

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