Hillery and Holly from Admissions and Irene from Marketing having fun at the annual ICE bowling party.

Last night, ICE had its annual bowling party and dinner celebration.  It’s a chance to celebrate the school and its most important asset (other than the education and opportunities, of course) — the very talented and hard-working people that truly make your education and experience at ICE a memorable and enjoyable one.  We visited, had some fun, nibbled good food and celebrated in a way only the industry does.  And, it offered a unique opportunity for the ICE Management Team to address the company as a whole and give their thanks and support to ICE’s biggest success (other than our graduates) — its employees.  Check out some of the photos and try to connect them with the many friendly faces of ICE on your next school visit.

Career Services, Student Affairs and Human Resources get ready to bowl.

The scene at the bowling lanes.

John, Daniil and Frank from ICE's IT team relaxing.

Kelly from Marketing and Linda and Hillery from Admissions getting ready to bowl strikes. Joe from Maintenance unwinds.

Everyone taking a break from the bowling game.

The team enjoying the party at the bowling lanes. Culinary Management Instructors Steve, Alan and Tara with ICE President Rick Smilow.

Holly, Hillery and Elizabeth from the Admissions team.

ICE President Rick Smilow hands out the bowling awards.

Stewarding's Josh (a.k.a. Gene Simmons) accepts his award.

The Blues Brothers, Louis from Admissions and Ellen from the Registrar.

John from IT and Elizabeth from Admissions enjoy a drink after the bowling game.

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  1. I see a lot of happy people!
    I’d bet it’s a great place to work and learn!
    Congratulations to all of you!

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