ICE is very proud of the focus our curriculum places on different cuisines and techniques from around the world. Our students are exposed to the cuisines of France, Italy, India, China, Japan and Thailand among others. As a special supplement to these in-class lessons, ICE also offers students and alumni the chance to travel and sample cuisine of other cultures and places.

Coming up this December, Director of Student Affairs, Chef Andy Gold will take a group on an extraordinary tour of Vietnam. The trip is open to all Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, and Culinary Management students and alumni (significant others are also welcome). The group will travel from south to north, eating and sampling as the cuisine changes with the landscape. With trips and tours of museums, cities, towns and landmarks as well as hands-on culinary excursions, the group will be immersed in history and culture to enrich their understanding of Vietnamese food. Viet Nguyen, owner of VietOrient Tours, designed the tour with Chef Andy and ICE President Rick Smilow to give ICE students and alumni a well-rounded experience. The group will land in Ho Chi Min City on December 24, then travel up to Danang, through Hue (the ancient Imperial City) and into Hanoi before returning home on January 2.

Highlights of the hand-crafted tour include a visit to the Saigon Culinary Art Center, a tour of Saigon’s famous street foods, a walking tour through the ancient city of Hoi An’s UNESCO-protected World Heritage Old Quarter, a journey to an early morning fish market, a bike ride through the countryside and visits to rice paddies, as well as a cruise through Ha Long Bay, a World Natural Heritage site. The trip will also include a visit to the Streets International restaurant and culinary training center where the students are all former street kids. Former ICE Culinary Management Instructor Neal Bermas founded the innovative program and ICE is a sponsor of the program. The trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students and alumni to experience the wonders of Vietnamese culture and cuisine.

For information on the cost and how to register, check the ICE website. The deadline to register is September 10.

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  1. Orville Kasprak

    Thanks, very interesting. I was born in Thailand in 1970 but my parents fled the country and settled here to Britain. Honestly, I didnt care much about my Thai heritage until my mother died last month, now I’ve been trying to find out as much as I possibly can. Seemed like the food was as good a place as any to start ! Anyway, I found a thai food recipe site here that your readers might be interested in too.

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