Celebrate one of the year’s sweetest days with a creative gift that’s guaranteed to fill your special one’s heart (and stomach) with love! Cook up a romance and more by registering for any of ICE’s Valentine’s Day-Inspired recreational cooking classes listed below, or let them do the picking with an ICE gift card.

♥ Valentine’s Day-Inspired Classes at ICE ♥

Make-and-Take Valentine’s Day Treats

Couples Champagne Gala for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Sugar Garnishes

More Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinners

Simply Sexy: Cooking with Aphrodisiacs

Valentine Cupcakes

New York Steakhouse for Valentine’s Day


  1. Hello~

    Fred, my advisor at ICE, told me about your blog and I think it’s wonderful to get insight about the school before I start!! (hopefully starting in march)

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Thanks for writeing this post! I can’t belive that it’s really almost Valentine’s Day, where does the time fly?

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