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“It was always something I liked doing; something I was good at naturally. But it was never something that I thought I would do professionally,” explained Jennifer Tafuri (Pastry Arts, ’11) on the hobby that would ultimately become her livelihood. Though she never imagined she would find herself practicing her passion for pastry on a daily basis, one visit to ICE convinced this former anthropologist and recreational baker to enroll in ICE’s Pastry & Baking Arts program.

With the launch of our 2017 #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Challenge, we’re revisiting stories from our most inspiring alumni. Jennifer popped out of the pastry kitchen at Rotisserie Georgette, where she holds the title of Pastry Chef, to chat with us about her decision to come to ICE and to inspire you to take the leap and enter our scholarship challenge.

Ready to find your culinary voice at ICE? Click here for more information on the 2017 #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Challenge and enter today!


  1. I want to enter but I am painfully camera shy, I’ve been told I have a natural gift for baking and cooking, if you’d like to see some of my baking I’m on Instagram @raechef.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Robin! You shouldn’t worry about being camera shy – lots of people are. You don’t have to be the next food TV star – just be creative! There are lots of ways to share with us your passion and your gift for cooking and baking (which does shine through on your Instagram!). Just show us your culinary voice. Hope to see your entry in the #CulinaryVoice challenge.

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