By Carly DeFilippo


This month, our “Find your #culinaryvoice” Twitter and Instagram photo contest returns with four new finalists. For the second round, it’s a battle of sweet vs. savory, with student submissions from both our Pastry & Baking Arts and Culinary Arts programs.



  • Top left: Pastry student @fabpatissiere’s zuppa inglese layered with pan di spagna, orange and chocolate pastry creams and a topping of swiss meringue.
  • Top right: Culinary student @anthonyrjackson’s oysters with blood orange aspic.
  • Bottom left: Pastry student @jerssica’s Horseradish Grill chocolate cake
  • Bottom right: Culinary student @bagelsbasics’ Mario Batali-inspired pan seared sweetbreads with beet farotto, onion quartetto, lardons, quince vinaigrette and fennel springs

Vote in the comments to let us know your favorite! And don’t forget to tag “@iceculinary #culinaryvoice” in your own photos from class at ICE for the chance to win monthly prizes.


  1. Stephanie De Benedictis

    My vote goes to @bagelsbasics’

  2. My vote is for @anthonyrjackson’s

  3. My vote goes to @anthonyrjackson!

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