From rustic biscuits to elaborate desserts, iconic Italian dishes to classic Japanese technique, our students traveled the globe this week at ICE.

biscuitsStudents reminded us of the beauty of a simple biscuit in Chef Gerri Sarnataro’s Pastry & Baking Arts class.

sushiChef Sabrina Sexton’s students, after a rigorous tour of Italy, jumped continents, serving up Japanese sushi.

gnocchiChef Erica Wides’ students celebrated la cucina povera, whipping up handmade pasta like this simple, satisfying gnocchi.

lemon tartThe renown pâtissier Carême likened pastry to architecture. Chef Sim Cass’ students’ plated desserts – like this lemon curd tart – suggest his theory to be true.

cannoli2There are certain pleasures almost everyone enjoys, and a sugar-dusted cannoli is surely one of them. Chef Gerri Sarnataro’s class made the ICE staff drool with these iconic Sicilian beauties.

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