The halls of ICE have smelled like bread all week long with Chef Ciril Hitz of Breadhitz here teaching an artisan bread class. This 3-day hands-on workshop was part of our Center for Advanced Pastry Studies (CAPS) series and Chef Hitz took students on a comprehensive baking tour focusing on everything from the classic baguette to the complex world of sourdough breads.

The students made sweet variations for breakfast, brunch and beyond while also enhancing traditional bread baskets for all occasions. The best part was once all of the breads were baked at the end of each day, Chef Hitz showed off his streamlined approach to baking by highlighting the best of the bunch and what could have been approved. This allowed the students to not only learn how to bake bread, but how to learn from mistakes and perfect for next time.

Enjoy these photos from their week in the kitchen.

For more information on advanced pastry and baking classes, or the CAPS program, visit the Center for Advanced Pastry Studies at ICE!

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