A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of ICE Chef Instructor Sam Kadko’s Garden Market. Chef Sam works on a small plot of land in New Jersey, growing food for local chefs. But another ICE Chef also grows food on his own little section of land. Culinary Arts Chef Instructor Herve Riou is working with Naturally Delicious, a Brooklyn catering company, to grow fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs on the small section of land behind their Court St. location.

Last week, Naturally Delicious held a garden party to celebrate their new garden. At the party they served a selection of treats, including cocktails made with herbs so fresh they were picked only an hour before being served. Also being served were appetizers and treats such as Seared Long Island Ahi Tuna and Blue Cheese–Stuffed Figs with Bacon.

Chef Herve has worked for months growing a wide variety of herbs such as thyme, sage, basil and mint as well as exotic herbs such as pineapple basil and Thai basil. He is also growing raspberries, peppers, tomatoes, corn, lettuces and other produce. In his garden we spotted one of the largest jalapenos we had ever seen.

While it is small, Chef Herve’s garden is the manifestation of his love for fresh, seasonal ingredients and farm-to-table cooking — something he hopes to always share with his culinary students at ICE.

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  1. I just visited the garden today and it is truly amazing! I was impressed by Herve’s hard work and dedication. I am looking forward to using some fresh mint and lavender that I got from the garden!

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