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At ICE, students learn a variety of advanced and highly technical culinary methods. For example, in the Modern Masters section of the Culinary Arts curriculum, students learn the advanced recipes of Mario Batali, Rick Bayless, Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller.

But when it comes right down to it, we still love the classics too. Here is a recipe with barely four ingredients for when you want to try something that is both impressively elegant and practical.

2 pounds Idaho potatoes, washed and peeled
Water as needed
Salt to taste
Clarified butter as needed

Makes 4 servings

Slice the potatoes into 18, 1-inch discs. Cover with lightly salted water.

Heat an iron skillet and add clarified butter. Remove from heat.

Starting at the center, work in a circular pattern to make a rosette. Each piece of potato must overlap the previous. Continue to make the layers until the potatoes are all used.

Place the skillet over high heat and cook until the potatoes start to brown and sizzle. Cover with parchment paper and weigh down. Place in a 450ºF oven. When fully cooked, turn out onto a plate and serve.

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