We’re still dreaming of all the things we ate at last Wednesday’s amazing event in celebration of Modernist Cuisine. We were able to not only taste dishes made using incredible scientific techniques, but also hear about the development of the recipes from the team behind the book. After the jump, watch video of ICE alum Maxime Bilet, the co-author of Modernist Cuisine, going through all the different elements of the Goat Milk Ricotta and Peas dish. Listen carefully to find out the incredible number of peas they had to run through a centrifuge for the event.

A huge thank you to Jamie Tiampo (an ICE alum and now Instructor) and his team from EatTV.com for filming the event! Stay tuned for video for the entire event.

If you’d like to buy a copy of Modernist Cuisine, check out the ICE book store.

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