Last week, ICE employees were able to step out from our corporate offices into the kitchen. Usually, our Chef Instructors are busy teaching aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts about the tricks of the trade, but last week ICE staff made up the students in two special classes. Chef Instructor Nicole Kaplan taught a group about making and decorating cupcakes, while Chef Chad Pagano taught another group about the ins and outs of making pizza. See the photos of what the groups created. Perhaps we need a few more to make the grade…

Cupcakes in Chef Nicole Kaplan's Class

ICE Staff Member Kevin Works on Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake in Chef Nicole Kaplan's Class

Chef Chad Pagano Works With Pizza Dough

Kelly from the Marketing Team Prepares Pizza Toppings

Two Pizzas from Chef Chad Pagano's Class

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  1. WOW, looks awesome! Wish you did that when I was there (100 years ago…)!!!

    Happy New Year to all my friends at ICE!

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