Pastry Chef En-Ming Hsu has worked in famed restaurants such as Lespinasse and The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, but she has also distinguished herself with awards such the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America in 1998 and 2001 and the Gold Medal at the 2001 Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. In addition to her impressive background, she has travelled the world consulting and teaching pastry arts, helping further perfect her craft, as well the knowledge of other pastry professionals.

As part of ICE’s Center for Advanced Pastry Studies (CAPS @ ICE), Chef En-Ming spent the last three days at ICE teaching a seminar on a range of classic sugar candies. Through the CAPS program, world-class professionals come to ICE to teach exclusive classes on the art and craft of fine pastries. In this particular session, Chef En-Ming covered her techniques for making a plethora of candies. The candies were not only delectable, but also startlingly beautiful. Chef En-Ming worked with the class to make Red Currant–Raspberry Pâte de Fruit, Honeycomb, Almond Pralines, Salted Peanut Nougat, English Toffee and Crystallized Marzipan Cherries with Hand-Pulled Sugar Stems.

Not only did Chef En-Ming teach the students how to make the candies, she discussed unique and original packaging ideas for the holidays. She incorporated fun elements like take-out boxes and mason jars into her presentation that worked well with the beautiful candies she had created. Check out the photos after the jump to see some of her unique display ideas.

Crystallized Marzipan Cherries with Hand-Pulled Sugar Stems

Red Currant–Raspberry Pâte de Fruit; Chef Instructor Michelle Tampakis and En-Ming Hsu

Almond Pralines

Salted Peanut Nougat; Honeycomb


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