Last week, famed food stylist Delores Custer gave a two-day workshop on food styling, the art of the preparing and presenting food for film at ICE. The class was part of ICE’s Center for Food Media. Custer has been working as a food stylist for over 30 years and her work has appeared in magazines, print advertising, television and movies. Her book, Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera was released in May 2010.

In the class, students learned how to plan, purchase, prepare, and present food for the camera, with an eye for color, composition and attractive food presentations. For example, the class learned how to present delicate dollops of whipped cream and perfect scoops of ice cream. Beyond the how-to of food styling, Custer also taught students about the business of being a food stylist, covering topics such as legal and ethical restrictions when presenting food for photography, step-by-step procedures of a food styling assignment, and how to work with a client, art director, and photographer on a photo shoot.

Check out the photos to see more of the students work in Custer’s class.

Artfully Plated Chicken

A Plate of French Toast with Grapefruit

Perfectly Scooped Ice Cream

Delores Custer Teaching Students

A Bowl of Styled Cereal

An Example of Careful Food Styling

Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Cheese

Cereal Treats with Decorative Garnishes

For other classes offered by the Center for Food Media, including classes with Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Barbara Fairchild, Saveur Editor-in-Chief James Oseland and award-winning food writer Betty Fussell, check out the listings online.


  1. Beautiful photos! What a great opportunity for the students to learn from a pro. If I had a chance, I would take the class to learn how to photograph my cakes.

  2. Beautiful work,clean. I am a 34 year indusrty Professional Chef.

    My pasion and inspiration is food Photography and Food Stylings, and yes I have been told by professional in both fields ” They have not know anyone to do or conquer both, well I hope to achieve both Food photography an develope a very well rounded base for the art of food styling.

    Mrs Delores Cluster is a great testiment to the industry, her work is exquisit.

    Chef Mark E. Dixon

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