Alex Espiritu works at the Valrhona École du Grand Chocolat in France. The eminent chocolate manufacturer works closely with experts to come up with innovative techniques for using chocolate. For three days this week, Espiritu shared these techniques with students in ICE’s Center for Advanced Pastry Studies, a unique program of classes for pastry professionals taught by eminent pastry experts and specialists.

Espiritu taught the students how to make a variety of plated chocolate desserts incorporating different elements and flavor pairings, such as a raspberry radish sorbet, jasmine tea ice cream and lemongrass foam. The class worked on pairing chocolate with different flavor profiles, creating innovative and creative desserts such as a Blueberry–Milk Chocolate Tartlette and White Chocolate-Passion Fruit Pavlova as well as classics such as Chocolate Soufflé and Chocolate Ice Cream. Check out these photos of the sophisticated chocolate desserts they made.

Blueberry-Milk Chocolate Tartlettes and Chocolate-Caramel Tartlettes.

Mise en place for plating chocolate desserts.

Alex Espiritu piping meringue for pavlova.

Chocolate Cremeux with Grapefruit and Jasmine Tea Ice Cream

Chocolate Verrines with Mango and Almond Sponge.

Chocolate Mousse with Passion Fruit-Mango Gelée.

Chocolate Ice Cream and Raspberry-Radish Intermezzo.

Chocolate Soufflé.

Alex Espiritu with the class and their chocolate desserts.

For more information on upcoming CAPS classes, check out our schedule.

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