And so it ends. Sealed with the crowning of a toque, a farewell buffet and one last day spent in the kitchen cooking beside my classmates and now, my close friends.

We were an eclectic group. There were former Wall Street traders, real estate professionals and U.S. servicemen back from tours in Iraq. But after more than 650 hours of instruction, I now find myself among future restaurateurs, food truck entrepreneurs, and perhaps, a future world-class chef.

It’s been an incredible opportunity to not only attend ICE, but to get to chronicle my journey along the way. My classmates bared the burden of an omnipresent lens capturing their every move as I rightfully earned the title of Food Paparazzi.

But only so much can be seen through a lens, just as one can argue that only so much can be understood through words. So while I hope the Life as a Culinary Student column has given you insight into much of what an ICE education has to offer, I would encourage you to experience the heat of the kitchen and the passion of the students for yourself.

ICE has provided me with valuable skills, confidence in my craft and most importantly, an appreciation for good food. Beyond the fancy garnish and modern plate design lies the truth of the dish – the taste. It’s as simple as recognizing it, and as difficult as knowing how to produce it.

In just one week my skills will be put to the test for the first time in the professional world of food. I am ecstatic that I will be continuing to combine my passions for both journalism and food as I complete my externship in the Food Network Test Kitchen. I am armed and ready, so in the words of the Chairman … Allez cuisine!

– Kelly Senyei, ICE Culinary Arts ‘10

A look back:

Lesson 1: Mise en Place

Lesson 5: Medium Dice & Mirepoix

Lessons 6-10: Fabrication & Stocks

Lessons 11-14: Meat Fabrication

Lessons 15-19: Classic & Contemporary Sauces

Lessons 20-24: Soups & Sauteing

Lessons 25-32: Frying, Braising & Beyond

Lessons 33-37: ‘Tis the time to tourne

Lessons 38-42: Now we’re cookin’

Lessons 43-49: France, Italy & China, here we come!

Lessons 50-54: Food as Art

Lessons 55-59: Normandy, Alsace, Provence and Beyond

Lessons 60-70: Trying to Contain Myself

Lessons 71-80: Pastry and Patience

Lessons 81-90: From Poaching to Plating

Lessons 91-100: The End in Sight


  1. omg does this mean the blog is over ??? no news on the externship

  2. Congratulations for the nice blog! It was a pleasure to read and see every class. I hope it will be more coming up.

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