Martha Stewart Pie Show - Ana Borrero's Chocolate Praline Pie

Eight students from ICE’s Pastry & Baking Career Program took their culinary skills to the small screen today when they put their homemade pies on display for Martha Stewart’s Pie Show. The students joined fellow audience members of the show in presenting their pies to a panel of judges for tasting, with the winner’s pie being featured in an upcoming segment of The Martha Stewart Show.

I had the chance to catch up with ICE’s Ana Borrero as she prepared her Chocolate Praline Pie (pictured above) yesterday at ICE. Ana’s pie consisted of a hazelnut shortbread crust filled with a creamy mixture of praline paste, cream cheese and whipped cream. She topped off her sweet confection with chocolate ganache and a garnish of toasted hazelnuts.

Other talented ICE participants included Stephanie Ang (Apple Pecan Crumble Pie), April Deminsky (April’s Apple & Fig Rum Pie), Jenny Ammirat (Jenny’s Fabulous Chocolate Banana Cream Hazelnut Pie), Adrianne Guadaloupe (Adrianne’s Pecanlicious Apple Custard Pie), Meagan Tulloch (Butternut Squash Pie), Ashley Benjamin (Ashley’s Spiked Maple Pecan Hot Chocolate Pie) and Samantha Neal (Georgie Pie).

Check back soon for an update to see which pies made the cut!


  1. Are the results out yet? I’d like to know if they post the winning recipies…

    Thanks for the entry, love the look of that pie.

  2. I find it astounding that Martha Stewart made such a bounce back after going to the penitentiary. thought it would have finished the whole thing, but not at all!

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